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Python at Makespace Cambridge


Cancelled until further notice due to COVID-19

The goal is to gather people interested in advanced python concepts that go beyond the language. We want to focus on environment, advanced programming techniques, useful libraries, and integration with a larger infrastructure (e.g. SQL databases, cloud, etc.).

The format is not strictly a presentation. While some slides may be used to introduce the topic, the idea is that we explore the topic, make mistakes, do experiments, read the code and the documentation. It is not a lesson. It is a shared tinkering and practice session.

Recommended laptop setup

If you need assistance on any of the points above, let someone know and we’ll be happy to help.

Be aware that, like every tinkering session, things can go wrong. Don’t bring the laptop and python environment required for your Ph.D thesis presentation on the next morning.


Gatherings happen at 19:00 at the indicated dates. Meetings will last as long as they need, but expect around one or two hours of tinkering and discussion.

Cancelled until further notice due to COVID-19



Past events

Date Topic Speaker
2020-02-20 Basic of SQL Stefano Borini
2020-01-02 NO MEETING (Vacation) Santa Claus
2019-12-19 NO MEETING (Vacation)  
2019-12-05 Basics design patterns Stefano Borini
2019-11-07 Unicode. IEEE 754. Stefano Borini
2019-10-03 Metaclasses, decorators, descriptors, generators, coroutines Stefano Borini,
Nishad Sohoni
Postponed to:
One-to-one open meeting  
2019-09-05 Package management in python. How to build packages the right way Stefano Borini
2019-08-01 Introduction + Defining a working environment with poetry Stefano Borini